Hope for the weary mom

I found this page looking on Pinterest and I really liked it and found it helpful. These two women found hope for motherhood through their love of Jesus and his love for them. They wrote a book called “Hope for the Weary Mom” which I have recently started reading. I hope you can find this helpful if you are feeling weary with motherhood.

Things I have Learned in the First 2 Months of Being a New Mommy~

~Being a new parent is hard

~Your life and your time is no longer your own

~2am feedings STINK!

~You have no idea how much laundry you can have until you have a child that spits up!

~Sleep deprivation is no joke!

~Life has officially changed… forever!

~Your relationship and bond with your spouse will change completely, for the better

~Suddenly the house hold chores aren’t so important

~You will find yourself crying at a lonely pacifier found at the bottom of your purse

~Just when it seems like it’s all too much, your little one smiles or coos at you for the first time and your heart melts!

~The infant stage is terrible! But it gets easier…. or so I’ve heard 😉

~Life is tiring and messy with a new baby but also joyous and fulfilling!

~Poop is now a frequent topic of discussion

Feel free to add any things that you learned from being a new mommy!!

Hello world!

So I am new to this whole blogging thing but as a new mommy I have so many thoughts running through my head these days and I feel like it really helps to put those thoughts out there! If my thoughts help someone else feel like they aren’t alone in the process that can’t be all bad! 🙂

This blog is just about my life as a new mommy! My feelings, my thoughts, my hopes and dreams for my family. I want it to be a place where other new mommies can come and hang out with a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and read something that inspires them, makes them feel happy or comforted. And I welcome any comments or thoughts that will add to the community that I want to build. A community of mommies that support one another in this unbelievable journey that we are all facing every day!

So stay a while and enjoy!

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